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Ronaldinho Video Clip

Great compilation by master_prime. Two of soccer's greatest legends.

Ronaldinho Video Clip

Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira
Nickname: Ronaldinho Gaucho
('little' Ronaldinho)
Playing Name: Ronaldinho
Place and Date of Birth:
Porto Alegre, Brazil. March 21, 1980

1999 - 2001: Gremio de Porto Alegre, Brazil
2001 - 2003: Paris St. Germain, France Ligue 1. Signed for fee of $4.5 million.
2003 - F.C. Barcelona, Spain. Signed for fee of between $30 -$35 million.
1997: U-17 FIFA World Cup Winner.
1999: Copa America Winner
2000: FIFA Confederations Cup. Golden Boot Award - six goals
2002: FIFA World Cup Winner
2004: FIFA World Player of The Year
2004-2005: Primera Division Champion with F.C. Barcelona.
2005: FIFpro World Player of The Year.
2005: European Footballer of The Year - 'Ballon d'Or' Winner
2005: FIFA World Player of The Year
Season 2005-2006: Primera Division Champion with F.C. Barcelona
2005-2006: European Champions League Winner
This is Ronaldinho Gaucho:
A likeable genius. Spectacular. Outstanding. A naturally gifted player with sensational ball control.
Adjectives cannot convey the soccer wizadry of Ronaldinho Gaucho.
Watching him play is a privilege.
A serious and dedicated professional, Ronaldinho spends hours practising his skills and perfecting his technique.
Barcelona's renewed domination of the Spanish Primera Division dates directly to his signing for the club.

Aged 25, the world of soccer can expect many more years of pleasure watching 'little' Ronaldinho scoring brilliantly created and opportunistic goals.

Ronaldinho Video Clip

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